Nord Motors

Nord produces its own motors with no sub-suppliers involved, so no bottlenecks occur, and customers can rely on a short delivery time. If Nord energy-saving three phase motors are used, which have a substantially higher degree of efficiency, operating cost can be reduced by as much as 40%. Nord energy-saving three phase motors are also available conforming to US energy Polycy Act (EPACT) stipulations of 1992. Motors are designed to run cool for longer service life. Low rotor inertia and high starting torque allow peakperformance in the most difficult applications.

Nord Gear Drives

Since 1965, Nord Gear has grown to global proportions on the strength of product performance, superior customer service, and intelligent solutions to a never ending variety of industrial challenges. There heavy-duty, one piece housings are precisely machined to exact standards. Internal reinforcements further increase strength and regidity. All bearings and seal seats are contained within the casting, eliminating splits or bolt on carriers that can weaken the housing and allow leakage. Bores and mounting faces are machined in one step, producing extremely precise tolerances - thus ensuring accurate positioning of gear teeth, bearings and seals, and longer life for all components.

Sterling Motors

Sterling standard rolled steel and cast iron frame motors provide superior quality and unique design features compared to competing brands. They provide a full product offering in cast iron for 56 through 5810 frame designs. Their sterli-seal washdown products are designed to withstand the challenges of today's process industry where high-pressure washing is required for sanitary requirements. The standard stainless steel motors have been enhanced and are designed in accordance to NEMA MG-1, part 31 specifications for operation with variable frequency controls.

Brook Crompton Motors

Brooks Crompton has received many accolades for its energy saving "W" electric motors, including the Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement in 1996 and "W" was selected as a Millennium product by the Design Council of Great Britain in 1998. "W" is a truly global product benchmarded against the world's best and manufactured to a high specification. Electric motors are the driving force behind all modern industry and hence consume vast amounts of energy - around 50% of the electricity generated by power stations is consumed by electric motors. Brook Crompton's standard motor range, called "W", is up to 3% more efficient than other standard motors, resulting in a lower demand for energy and therefore cost saving for users.

Baldor Motors

From their home office in Fort Smith, Arkansas, they support the sales office / warehouses that stock Baldor products worldwide, selling to distributoors and original equipment manufacturers in more than 70 countries. Baldor products are produced at 26 plants in the US, Canada, England, Mexico and China. Quality begins and ends with each person at Baldor. They will continually improve quality to provide our customers better value (as determined by our customers) than any of their competitors. Customer satisfaction demands us to assure that overall quality, and reliability continually imporves. Each employee is personally responsible and is required to take owner-ship of his or her work, job, or service provided.