Tank Cleaners

GEA Tuchenhagen offers a comprehensive product range for almost all cleaning tasks.
All VARIPURE cleaner are to the latest state-of-the-art designed and manufactured. The devices meet your high hygiene claims considered by the geometrical shape and the best surface texture. These parameters proven best meet the requirements to use our cleaners in the brewing and beverage industries, in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical, chemical, paint and coatings as well as in the biotechnology industry.

Product Recovery Systems (PiggingSystems)

Using GEA Tuchenhagen VARICOVER product recovery systems you regain valuable products from your pipe sytem and thus optimise the economic efficiency of your production plant. 
Residual products are expelled from the pipes and returned into the product flow by pigging. 
No more than a thin residual film remains in the pipe system that can easily be removed by subsequent cleaning (CIP). This technique reduces also the waste water load drastically.

Spray Guns

Spray guns have rear mounted lever switch that reduce hand fatigue and offer smooth lever action. The valve seat is an internal part of the nozzle body. Variable spray patterns, adjustable from fan spray to solid stream, is one of the many features offered. Water conservation is assured upon release of lever by the drip-free automatic shutoff feature. Nozzles are available in brass, anodized aluminum, and 300 series stainless steel.

DuraFlow Spray Guns

DuraFlow spray nozzles were specifically designed to prevent accidental spray. Their unique cover disign is not only durable, but also prevents the front mounted levers, which reduce hand fatigue and offer smooth lever action, from being accedentally activated when the nozzle is dropped. The new DuraFlow spray nozzles also come with a triffer locking mechanism for a safe and secure method of maintaining the nozzle open at any spray pattern.

Hot & Cold Water Mixing Stations

these water mixing units were specifically designed for thoroughly blending hot and cold water instantly. The unit uses "Y" style body mechanics with lift check valves and ball joint unions for superior flexibility during installation. Units come with a mounting plate for easy behind the unit clean up, hose rack for easy user access to the hose, and an optional temperature gauge for accurate temperature reading at outlet.


Steam & Cold Water Mixing Stations

The most innovative steam and cold water mixing unit specifically designed to provide safe and efficient means of clean up by producing hot water instantly with little or no maintenance. These units operate under a wide range of steam and water pressure with out changing internal components. These units have the ability to operate with as little as 30 PSI of water pressure. Abailable in a bronze and stainless steel, with or with out temperature gauge.

Hose Racks

Brass and Stainless steel hose racks, made out of 300 series stainless steel, are virtually corrosion resistant in most applications and environments. Their aluminum epoxy coated mounting plates are specifically designed for quick and easy installation and meets the required spacing between wall to plate and plate to unit. The all stainless steel rack has a stainless steel mounting plate. Complete with 4 a;; staom;ess stee; anchor bolts, these racks are simply the best value for your buck.

Hose Reels

Hannay Reels provide thousands of standard hose reel models and unmatched custom design and manufacturing capabilities for virtually limitless applications. The most prominent include air hose reels for pneumatic tools and machinery; water hose reels used for washdown, power wahsing, potable water, or in-plant fire protection; dual hose reels for oxygen/acetylene welding; and hydraulic hose reels for powering tools and machinery.