Mixproof Valves

GEA Tuchenhagen mixproof valves provide safe, reliable separation of incompatible liquids between intersecting pipe lines.

Based on the principle of single seat valves in a double block and bleed arrangement, the mixproof valve comprises an upper and lower valve seat and a cavity between them which provides a leak path to atmosphere.
In the event of gasket failure at either seat, pressurized liquid leaks into
the cavity and will drain freely to atmosphere via the cavity without danger of breeching the seat
gasket of the intersecting pipe line, preventing contamination of its contents.

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Single Seat Shut-Off Valves

GEA Tuchenhagen Single seat shut-off valves are used for simple shutoff at flow path intersections within the pipe system. One seal is used on the one-part valve disk for shutting off two pipes against each other. In case of sealing failure, controlled leakage drain is not provided.

Regular stop valves with a large selection of housing styles and tank spuds are available.

Many accessories such as stroke limitation devices and special actuators are also available to meet all pharmaceutical and bio-processing processing requirements.

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GEA Butterfly Valves T-smart 7

The valve range’s compact size results in a lightweight design, enabling easy handling and operation; a compact, maintenance-free acutator with reversible operation; and a hygienic stem guidance design. Applications include product, CIP and tank safety.

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Aseptic Valves

GEA Tuchenhagen offers two aseptic valve ranges: VESTA® and GEA Aseptomag.

The full line of aseptic valves from GEA Aseptomag include shut-off, divert, modulating, mixproof, back-pressure, filling and sampling.

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Modulating Control Valves

GEA Tuchenhagen's modulating control valves are available with either piston actuator (Type N) or with a diaphragm style actuator (Type S or Type A or AW).
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Sample Valves

GEA Tuchenhagen offers sampling valves for low volume (Type IT) or high volume (Type IS) samples. Also available is the new mixproof sample valve, designed to be 3A compliant.
All versions can be supplied with the pocket-free GEA Tuchenhagen in-line access unit.
Designed to be 3A compliant.

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Ball Valves

Ball valves are used in a wide variety of high presure applications. Two factors make them popular. First, a full unrestricted flow that allows no product restrictions through the valve. Second, the three piece design and the removal of a minimal number of bolts allows service to be perfored without the removal of the complete valve from the line. We offer a large variaty of ball valves made of brass, and stainless steel. PTFE seats are easily removed. Clamp and Weld ends are a standard. Other connections are available upon request.

  • 1/2" through 4" sizes are available. Larger sizes are available upon request
  • Ball valves meet FDA and 3A requirements

Check Valves

Check valves are widely used for both sanitary and industrial applications to prevent backflow of product. Ball check valves are designed to allow full product flow during processing. Once the product flow stops the ball rolls back to seat at inlet, preventing back flow. Ball Check valves are commonly used with liquid products. Spring check valves are designed to assist closure pressure to create a positive shutoff. They are commonly used with liquid products. Both valves are offered with clamp and weld ends. Other connections are available upon request. Sizes range from 1" throught 3" in T316 stainless steel. Check valves meet 3A sanitary requirements. Air blow check valves are designed to evacuate lines of product or CIP solutions. Air blow check valves are made of T316L stainless steel and are offered with EPDM or Viton elastomers.

Sample Valves

Sampling valves are used to extract fluid directly from the pipeline or tank. They can be used under high pressure or even high vacuum conditions. Sampling valves come standard with minimal internal deadleg area desighned into each valve, keeping hold up volume to a minimum for accurate samples every time. Right Angle or In-line models can be supplied as main components (special bored cap and main body) to allow the user to fabricate their own size configurations on an as needed basis.

Sight Glasses

Sight glasses are made from forged 304L and 316L stainless steel and are highly polished. These sight glasses are used in-line, come standard with clamp, weld, and I-line end connections, and have FDA silicone seats. An acrylic outer safety quard is available to prevent damaging the inner glass. These sight glasses are 3A authorized.