Pressure Gauges

Gauges are available in an industrial, Sanitary, Pharmaceutical, and Homogenizer style. With many options to choose from, we have what you need. Sizes range from 2.5" to 5", 0-1000 psi range in different incruments, many different fitting applications, and filled or non filled cases. Mounting opptions are bottom, back, and right or left tip.


We have Sanitary Digital Thermometers as well as Bi-Metal Thermometers. The digital thermometers come with a 3.5" dial, then you can specify the fitting, mount, display (°F or °C), and up-date interval (1 second or 10 seconds). The Bi-Metal gauges come in a 3", 4", or 5" dial, and a ton of temperature ranges, fittings, probe lengths and diameters, and lens material.

Sanitary Thermowells

Specifically designed for use in the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. All sanitary thermowells have a 1/2" npt female thread. Available in 3/4" to 4" sanitary fittings such as Tri-clamp, Bevel seat, and Cherry-Burrell male I-line, for just a few options. Thermometer probe laengths range from 2.5" to 12".

Sanitary RTD's & Temperature Transmitters

Wether your need is a Resistive Temperature Device or a Temperature Transmitter we have got you covered. These 3-A approved hermetically sealed sensors are IP-65 (NEMA 4X) rated for temporary submersion and can be aggressively washed down. They can be cleaned in place (C.I.P), steamed in place (S.I.P.), and the transmitter is even capable of being autoclaved. The exterior has a clean, sanitarian preferred watershed design that is self draining.